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Putting Fire Watch Security Into Action

Every fire watch security guard is required to patrol the premises of your organization, walking around the entire facility, checking the entire daily work site for possible fires or dangerous conditions. If a fire breaks out, these guards are first on the scene, within earshot, and they are dispatched to the location. If you do not have enough staff to man each and every location of the facility, the guards can be stationed at several different locations. Depending upon the size of your organization, you can have one person to man all of the buildings in the complex.

If a fire watch security officer is stationed at the main entrance and exits of the facility, this allows for maximum response time. Some buildings may have a fire hydrant installed on the main entrance. In order to ensure that a fire watch security officer is able to respond quickly, it is important that the building is equipped with a functioning sprinkler system. A working sprinkler system will alert the fire watch services when there is a problem. In some areas, the fire department can also be contacted, if necessary. The fire watch services will then report any problems to the fire department.

The types of issues that are monitored are determined by the contract that you have with a specific company. If you only need one person to respond to a fire hazard, such as smoke inhalation, then that person will be assigned to that building. If you need multiple persons to respond to the same fire hazard, then the guard will be placed at random. However, there may be times when you need more than one person to deal with the fire hazards. For example, if an employee suffers an electrical shock, the fire watch service will dispatch a technician to the location.

Fire watch security guards will be responsible for responding to all fire accidents that occur. The frequency and severity of fires are often the main consideration when assigning the responsibility for safety to a particular guard. In some cases, you will have no control over what happens with fire hazards. However, the goal is to have your employees educated in fire safety so that they can act quickly and effectively when a fire appears. Additionally, your employees will feel more secure when they know that a qualified fire safety guard is always around to help them if a problem does occur. Having a guard on staff is one more way to promote the safety measures of your business.

All employees must be taught the basics of preventing fire hazards. This includes not smoking where there is an open flame, using proper equipment to fight any fire, and knowing how to safely evacuate buildings in the event of a fire. It is also critical to teach your workers how to deal with the aftermath of a fire and clean up properly. There are many chemicals that are harmful when introduced into the air after a fire. Proper training and the knowledge to properly handle these materials are vital to reducing the amount of damage that occurs.

When you are putting in the funds to put in a fire watch guard on-site at your business, it is important to consider whether you need a trained professional or if you can train your employees. There are many advantages of having a person trained to respond to a fire alarm on-site. Not only will this save you money in salary costs, but you will avoid hefty fines that can be levied from your local fire department if you have employees who are not certified. The best thing to do is to hire a professional fire watch specialist. They can help you determine if you need trained on-site personnel or not and they can also provide you with information on the types of alarms that are available to protect your business.