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Epoxy Flooring on the Sunshine Coast

Epoxy Flooring Sunshine coast

Epoxy flooring is a term used by contractors and experts who know all about epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is a very durable flooring system that can also withstand minor damages. It is an excellent flooring system that can be used for both interior and exterior floor applications. It is not only resistant to staining, but it also has a high resistance to fire. The floor system can also withstand major damages, which makes it an excellent choice for any area.

Epoxy flooring Sunshine Coast puts you directly in contact with a team of professional hard wearing epoxy flooring experts. Dion Morgan and his team are located on the Sunshine Coast and cater to clients as far north as Gympie, and as much south as Brisbane. They work with both new and existing clients to ensure that they create a bespoke epoxy floor system to fit all their client requirements. This includes all types of floors, from swimming pools, two garages, to commercial and residential buildings.

The company’s epoxy systems are manufactured in two different methods. The first method uses molds to create the mold structures and then the solidifies the molds once the concrete hardens. The second method uses injectors that spray epoxy into the mold cavities once the molds have hardened. Both methods have been designed to give clients the high quality, long lasting, durable results.

The first method creates a larger surface area than the injected system, which gives a more durable, harder wearing and more resilient flooring product. The second method is a faster way to apply the epoxy and will produce results in a shorter time. It uses less manual work and can save on labor costs. This is just one reason why many clients choose to install this type of flooring on their property.

Once the epoxy flooring is installed it must be properly maintained. This involves applying a yearly general maintenance treatment, followed by a special coat of a protective coating. This sealant is also available locally at many retail outlets. It is important to follow the directions on the package, as any sub-floor materials need to be carefully cleaned before application. It is also recommended that a layer of fungicide is applied before coating, to further protect the newly applied epoxy. This will add additional protection to the finished project.

Cleaning and maintenance are essential to the longevity of the epoxy flooring, but it is also advisable to have this done annually, as the salt air and humidity can attack and deteriorate the finish over time. It is also important to check for loose hardware, or any other signs of potential damage, as this can quickly devalue a project. There are many professionals in the Sunshine Coast who offer excellent advice and support when it comes to this type of flooring installation, so if you are having any issues or would like any additional information, it is always worth consulting your local supplier.