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How to Groom My Dog

A lot of people will ask me, when grooming my dog, should I clip the hair? I tell them that it depends. Some dogs don’t need their hair cut. Some dogs do and some don’t. Most dogs do not shed, but those that do, shed copiously. The shedding is actually beneficial to your pet since …

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All About Roofing Athens, GA

Roofing Athens, GA is an attractive city in the state of Georgia. It is strategically located between the Appalachian mountains and the Lowcountry. It is known as the “Greenwich Village” of the south because it has long been a popular home site for movie productions. The city has a very rich cultural and historic heritage …

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Make a splash Painters Mackay

In the mid 19th century, painters Mackay and Burchelow came up with some of the earliest ways to make paints. They learned that by adding water and turpentine, they could form a pastel paint. Their products were used in many Australian homes and their influence grew as the new towns set out from the country. …

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