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Asbestos Testing & Removal – Asbestos Surveys

It is essential for the Asbestos Surveyor to have the proper equipment to test the presence of Asbestos in the building that they are inspecting. The Asbestos Surveyor’s report will be submitted to the governing body or authority of the land on which the building is located. For example, if a structure is being inspected by the New York State Thruway Authority, the Asbestos Surveyor would be sent to the area by the New York State Thruway Authority. There are several reasons why the surveying of asbestos is performed. The primary reason would be to determine if the material is currently present in the building or if it is suspected to be there.

Asbestos Testing

Another reason to perform Asbestos Testing and Sampling is when there is a building under construction. When abatement is being performed on the site of the new structure, the contractor would also need to have the Asbestos Surveyors remove samples from the foundation and exterior of the structure. The sample samples that are required for this inspection are those that show Asbestos present in the surface and/or the underlying materials. Asbestos is not a naturally occurring mineral, it is a man-made material that can prove deadly when inhaled or ingested into the body.

Many buildings contain a mixture of Asbestos and other materials that can cause immediate health complications. For example, a building could contain above-ground plumbing containing Asbestos. Inhaling the Asbestos particles can cause immediate lung damage and cause serious problems over time. Therefore, the most effective method to determine if Asbestos is present in a building is through the use of on-site testing and/or off-site sampling. Off-site sampling involves the use of special trucks equipped with monitors that pull the sample of air, soil and water samples from the area that is being tested. On-site testing involves placing monitors throughout the area in question and then taking samples of the air, water and/or the Asbestos particles in the samples.

Once lung health symptoms are suspected, the doctor will perform tests to find out if the person has any Asbestos-containing materials in the lungs. A chest x-ray may be used to determine whether there are Asbestos fibers detected in the lung’s tissues. Other tests that may be conducted include an exhale/expression test in which the patient breathes in and exhales air at a certain volume while the monitor records the amount of air that is breathed. Anecdotally, one may hear of people having breathing difficulties after coming into contact with certain materials. These individuals may also experience shortness of breath.

Removing Asbestos-Containing Materials From Buildings Constructed Before 2021: Before a structure is considered for demolition, a professional engineer will perform Asbestos Management Testing. This type of testing is performed on structures built before the restriction and ban was put in place. While pre-demolition testing is usually performed, some structures do not require asbestos testing after they have been torn down. However, many buildings constructed after 2021 require special testing due to the increased risk of Asbestos exposure when dismantling the building.

Demolition of buildings with Asbestos-containing materials requires special care during the demolition process and afterwards. Structural steel bars are used to protect people from falling debris during the demolition process. In addition, certain materials will have to be removed and disposed of correctly. For example, nails and metal connections that were found in the Asbestos samples taken from demolitions need to be removed. The use of an Asbestos survey will help ensure that all of this is done correctly to minimize the risks of Asbestos contamination.

Asbestos inspections and testing are required for all buildings over two stories in height. Any building that contains Asbestos is required to have monthly inspections and final inspections. These inspections are also open to the public. Asbestos inspections help make sure that Asbestos is not leaking into the air and surrounding areas.

If you or your family has been exposed to Asbestos in any form, it is important to contact an experienced and qualified environmental consulting company. There are several Asbestos remediation companies that focus on Asbestos testing and removal. You can learn more about your rights as an Asbestos victim by hiring a residential asbestos inspection and removal firm. Contact an environmental consulting company today to schedule an inspection and consultation to learn more about your legal rights.