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Top 7 Reasons Why Children Need Children Mouth Guards

Children¬†mouthguards were designed to prevent serious injuries and help children breathe easier while playing sports. Many adults are surprised at how little they know about this product, especially when it is introduced during sports camp or a parent’s night out with the kids. When a child is asked about their children’s mouth guard, most will be quick to state that their child is wearing them in school or while they play sports. What they may not realize is that this product has been around since the 1970s and has been helping children live longer lives for many years.

Mouth guards are an excellent choice for adults who need to protect their teeth and protect their mouths from sports accidents, but there are also some children that benefit from these guards. Here is a list of reasons why children might want to wear them:

o They keep children safe from sports accidents. While most sports accidents happen during games or practice, some can also occur in public. Children have a tendency to get injured because they are distracted by what they’re doing or by what’s happening around them. When children aren’t watching the ball or the other team, they are usually looking over their shoulder or watching where they are going. This makes them a lot more susceptible to sports accidents.

o Mouthguards keep children’s teeth healthy. It may be difficult to brush children’s teeth as well as they can brush their own, but it’s not impossible. While parents may make sure that their children brush their teeth after every meal, this can’t be done all the time. A child will often find themselves brushing their teeth only after they get home from school, so they’re more prone to cavities or even tooth loss than if they didn’t wear mouth guards.

o They keep children from chewing their fingernails. Children tend to chew their nails more than their adult counterparts, especially when they are younger. When they are playing sports, they will sometimes put too much pressure on their teeth and nail and end up chewing their fingernails. Mouth guards are a great way to keep children from doing this.

These are just a few of the many reasons that you might want to consider investing in your children’s mouthguard. The protection they provide is something that should be considered, whether it’s in a camp or a sporting event. Children’s health is the number one priority when it comes to children’s toys and products.