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Hire Air Conditioning Geelong Contractors

Air Conditioning Geelong is a small but efficient air conditioning company in Geelong, Victoria which provides both cooling and heating for both residential and commercial premises. The main areas it services are Melton and Norwood, but they also service the towns of Porepunkah and Marlow. They offer a wide range of cooling and heating solutions, including ductless and air conditioner installation, remote control systems, and air conditioning maintenance and cleaning. There are several models of air conditioning products available from Air Conditioning Geelong, including central air conditioning (which uses an air conditioner compressor and condenser to cool the central area of a building), and ductless cooling and heating systems.

One of the most popular cooling systems is their ductless systems, which use an air conditioner compressor to cool the entire building and then dispersing chilled water or coolant throughout the building. The two different types of ductless cooling and heating systems are; ductless wall-mount and ductless floor-standing compressors. Both types of ductless systems require a minimum of five rooms to be cooled and heated, while the floor-standing system can cool and heat up to thirty rooms. The Geelong Ductless Cooling and Heating systems are equipped with a high-tech humidistat to help prevent over-heating and water damage due to condensation. They have also invested heavily in providing the latest in refrigeration technology, such as evaporative cooling and integrated humidistats.

The staff at Air Conditioning Geelong can offer their clients a wide range of expertly trained technicians who can provide efficient air conditioning installation, ductwork replacement and servicing. In addition to this, the AC repairs, electrical repairs, leak repairs, ventilation and dehumidification services are available at very reasonable rates. These expert technicians are highly trained in installing all different kinds of ductwork, as well as repairing and maintaining ductwork and air conditioning units.

AC or air conditioning systems that are installed incorrectly can lead to extensive damage and even the loss of life. This is why AC and heating contractors in Geelong are required to have a valid Victorian Building Registration (VBR) number. A number of qualified technicians are employed by Air Conditioning Geelong to repair and maintain large buildings and residential homes. AC repair and maintenance work include ductwork installation, ac system replacement, electrical and plumbing faults and many other labour saving solutions.

Some AC and heating contractors in Geelong offer a full range of professional air conditioning services. These include heat pump servicing, boiler servicing, duct installation, energy management and duct sealing and repair, all under the direction of an experienced Air Conditioning Geelong team of skilled technicians. These professionals are able to undertake routine maintenance and repairs on air conditioners and furnaces, as well as providing emergency services. They can perform a wide range of labour-saving solutions, including duct cleaning. In addition, AC contractors can also offer refrigeration, ventilation, and heating service and a huge array of electrical and plumbing services.

If you need to make any modifications or improvements to your existing heating and cooling setup, contact one of the experienced Air Conditioning Geelong contractors. They are able to advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs. For any other needs or information, contact them today to find out how they can help you.