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Global News Wire, the Brainchild of Jon Swartz

Global News Wire, the Brainchild of Jon Swartz, Creates New Wave in the Health Industry
Global News Wire, also known as Globenet, is a leading online news service covering events from all corners of the world. Although it was launched only in late 2020, it has already become one of the top online news portals providing the required information to meet the demands of the consuming public. It has been a great achievement for Globenet to emerge as a top player in this field, given the state of affairs in the print media that it found itself in. Globenet was established by merging the highly successful Swedish advertising agency Agence Multimedia with the highly popular French firm Ecole Communications. Together they created a new media entity that covers diverse topics from business, culture and travel.

The services offered by Globenet in this context to cover everything from politics, entertainment, business and sport to health, science and technology. The first half of the year saw huge popularity with its unique and attractive blend of news blurbs, articles and videos. In January, it launched a number of special features including the Washington Post added, which was viewed by almost 15 million users. In the coming months, the company was also planning to launch a number of other channels, such as the Wall Street Journal added, and the Financial Times addyi, among others.

In the coming months and years, Globenet is planning to roll out even more news services that will go on to target additional segments of the audience. In the next few months, it will launch two further channels – the European and the American edition of the Wire. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is to these launches given that both are fairly new in comparison to the other two. One wonders whether it is the appeal of the European and American editions that have contributed to their success so far.

Globenet has recently announced that it will be adding two new features in coming months. First up will be the ability for its subscribers to access the Washington Post’s op-ed page. The second edition will be the ability for users to access the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page. Both services are available to users already, but only one of them is live. This could be an indicator that Globenet is gearing up to take advantage of the fact that many people use the two services together.

A month ago, Global News Wire reported that it had teamed up with Washington Post and the World Times to offer a premium service through the Global News Network called Wiring News. Wiring News will allow subscribers to access articles from prominent sources, including the Washington Post and the World Times. It will also allow subscribers to access videos posted by well-known personalities. It is unclear at this time if the World Times will also add their videos to the Wiring News catalog. With the Washington Post and the World Times partnership, it looks like Global News Wire may have the opportunity to gain even more viewers and become even more dominant in the airwaves.

Global News Wire and Wiring News are both subscription based. At present time, Global News Wire does not yet offer subscriptions. They are planning on releasing subscriptions at a later date. Wiring News is already in beta testing for the winter season. I have reached out to the company for comment and will report any updates as they become available.