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AirBNB Rental: Small Inn Versus Hotel Room


AirBNB, Inc. is an American online vacation rental service provider based in San Francisco, California. AirBNB offers a variety of accommodations for rent from homes to condos to villas and is accessible both through its own website and via an application on the Internet. AirBNB works in a simple manner: one needs to book a rental property on AirBNB’s website, select a destination, pay a booking fee, and then wait to be picked up.

One advantage of AirBNB over traditional vacation rental services is that it charges a nightly cleaning fee. In addition, AirBNB requires a one time set-up fee which covers the cost of emailing a confirmation link to each guest, and its general administration fees. Its other fees are: the minimum nightly room rate, which can vary according to the size of the room; the base rate, which include the cleaning fee; and the per night airport transportation fee, which includes the cost of using the airport shuttle. The base rate and per night room rate may vary depending on the length of a guest’s stay. Additionally, AirBNB offers a discount for stays that are booked through their website.

The main risk associated with AirBNB is that it is very difficult to get into your own home, unless you use a car. This is because many hosts list their properties on the site, rather than on the actual websites of hotels. Therefore, if your travel plans include driving, and you choose to stay at a participating AirBNB during your stay, you may have difficulty accessing your own hotel room.

Also, since most AirBNB hosts provide only a limited number of rooms, you may not be able to locate a room that meets your requirements. Some hosts charge a per-night registration fee, which can prove costly if you have a large party to plan. In addition, you will have to pay an additional fee if you check-in on a regular basis, which can be inconvenient for guests who need to check-in daily. Furthermore, AirBNB does not offer any utilities, such as cable TV or internet, so guests cannot also expect any extra amenities.

The only advantage that AirBNB has over its cheaper hotel counterparts is that hosts are more responsive to their customers. Therefore, you will not experience the standard communication problems you may experience when staying in a shared property. On the other hand, AirBNB’s lack of flexibility can pose a problem for some couples. As most AirBNB rentals require you to book on a first-come, first-served basis, couples may have trouble locating a unit that meets their criteria. As most AirBNB rentals are located in the suburbs of major cities, they are also more expensive to rent than a hotel room. Furthermore, AirBNB hosts generally charge a higher base rental income than hotel hosts do, which can make AirBNB more expensive than a cheap hotel.

Overall, AirBNB is a good option for small to mid-sized business travel or vacation home rentals. If you want to make the most of your AirBNB rental, however, it is important that you take the time to fully research the available properties before making a selection. If you are planning a romantic weekend away with a small group of friends, a traditional small inn might be more suitable. However, if you and your friends are expecting a full breakfast, then an AirBNB may be the best choice. AirBNB properties usually come with more flexible terms, such as daily rates that are half of what you would pay at a traditional inn, and are generally less expensive per night. If you are planning a large party or expect a high number of guests, then an AirBNB could prove to be a great investment, giving you greater flexibility with your accommodations while you are on vacation.